2013 Heckerling Highlights

2013 Heckerling Highlights

T & E Board Member Bernie Krooks to Speak on Elder Law
Bernie Krooks will be kicking off the program on Jan. 14, at 9:00 AM, speaking about the fundamentals of elder law and how to counsel clients in the last third of their lives.


Read Session Summaries by Martin Shenkman
If you can’t get to all the sessions, don’t worry. Marty Shenkman will be there and has agreed to take notes. We’ll post his summaries of the key points of each session.


T & E Board Member Turney P. Berry Gives Fiduciary Law Update
In a special session on Jan. 17, at 2 PM, Turney P. Berry, along with Dana G. Fitzsimons, Jr. will be speaking on recent developments for fiduciaries. They’ll review recent cases and statutory enactments from across the country and discuss trends and developments several areas.

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