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Online Webinar "Managing Concentrated Stock Positions"

Hosted By: Registered Rep
A Registered Rep Webinar

Managing Concentrated
Stock Positions

Archive Available – On Demand!

This webinar has been specifically designed for the investment advisor who custodies large single-stock positions for his client. Three strategies; Covered Call Writing, Protective Puts and The Collar are fully explained. These strategies can be utilized when the client wishes to either hedge or derive income for stocks that are not part of his advisors model portfolio.

Presenting: Bill Ryan

Mr. Ryan is a Vice President in the Options Area of the American Stock Exchange (AMEX). He came to the exchange from SG Cowen where as a Director in the Execution Services division he served as the firm’s Senior Registered Option Principal and had as his primary responsibilities retail option trading and marketing. Ryan has been involved with options for over 25 years beginning with EF Hutton in 1982 where he started on the retail trading desk. He has worked at various member firms including Shearson, Kidder Peabody, Lehman Brothers and SG Cowen. In addition to his position with the AMEX, Ryan serves as an instructor for The Options Industry Council.

Archive Available – On Demand!

Sponsored By: The Options Industry Council

Archived Webinar

Rich Santos
Registered Rep.

Bill Ryan
Vice President
Options Area
American Stock Exchange

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