The NextMove February 2009

The NextMove February 2009


Welcome to the first issue of The Next Move. At a time when more advisors than ever are on the move—be it from one large firm to another, from big firms to independent broker/dealers, or to registered investment advisories, we look forward to being your one-stop place to learn about career development. Our goal is to be an independent source of practical advice about how to make the most of your career, without advocating one channel or firm over another.

Thank you for reading The Next Move. We welcome your comments and suggestions about how we can make this newsletter the most relevant to you. Please e-mail comments to [email protected].

Should I Stay or Should I go?

With many advisors frustrated about the way management is running their franchises, more are starting to explore the independent channel.

It’s still too early to tell. But changing jobs is certainly top of mind these days. Indeed, a recent Registered Rep. survey of 1,459 advisors found that 63 percent might change firms in the next two years.

Recruiter Roundtable
Given all the upset in the market and the demise of several major Wall Street firms in the past year, it seems like it is harder than ever to be a financial advisor. With that backdrop, The Next Move recently caught up with three seasoned recruiters—Mindy Diamond, Danny Sarch, and Larry Papike—to get their take on the state of the industry. More

Advisor Corner

Interview with Tom Bradley, President of TD AMERITRADE Institutional
Q: What do you see as the biggest challenges for financial advisors in 2009?
A: Unprecedented market events have created a perfect storm for advisors.
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