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The Next Move April 2009

The Next Move April 2009


Welcome to the third issue of The Next Move, which aims to be your go-to guide for practical advice about how to make the most of your career. We are pleased to announce that with your help, we recently completed our first quarterly research study and have gained some valuable insights that we will be sharing with you in the May issue. Don?t miss out. Subscribe today for free by clicking on the following link:

We welcome your comments and suggestions about how we can make this newsletter the most relevant to you. Please e-mail comments to the editor at: [email protected].

Exiting Legally

Starting a new job can be very exciting, but it can be nerve-racking too. Not only do you have to think about keeping your book intact, but there’s also the persistent fear: Will I be sued? Of course there are no guarantees, but here are some pointers to help keep you on solid legal footing as you change jobs.More

Marketing Yourself
As a financial advisor, you’re probably spending more of your time these days trying to placate clients. But here’s something you should also be doing—stepping up your marketing efforts.

According to a 2007 Rydex AdvisorBenchmarking survey only 39 percent of advisors reported having a marketing plan in place... More

Advisor Corner

Interview with newly independent advisors, Michael Parikh and Jon Wakely, about the challenges and pros of going independent
What has been your biggest challenge so far in going independent?
A: Michael: The idea that we are running two businesses. One being our investment advisory and the other being the business that manages that advisory...

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