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Life Insurance Trends for Wealth Planners: Unique Approaches for Advising High-Net-Worth Clients


  • What’s Going on in the Life Insurance Market?
  • What Myths Need to be Dispelled?
  • Is Life Insurance Affected by the Markets or is it Different than Other Financial Products?
  • Policy Maintenance vs. Management?
  • How Do Agents and Carriers Operate?
  • What is the Professional Advisor’s Role?

These are questions discussed in my recent Trusts & Estates article about life insurance and how active policy management is vital to policy performance.

Few policy owners understand how their life insurance works and professional advisors may rely too heavily on and place too much faith in the industry. Life insurance is one of the most complex and opaque transactions most consumers may ever be party to and to effectively manage it, or even understand that it needs to be managed, requires access to tools and a higher level of understanding than most people possess.

What to do about it is the question. Clearly the market harbors some cynicism regarding the life insurance industry and frankly, it is somewhat justified. Actuarially defensible independent modeling, unbiased analysis of remediation strategies relative to market alternatives, life insurance policy statements for effective insurance portfolio management, etc are critical to bringing your clients the level of service they expect.

The concept of fee-based life insurance consulting and management is relatively new in the market and not widespread. There is no doubt this will change in the years ahead and advisors who understand and embrace this will clearly have an edge on the market.

Bill Boersma is a pioneer in this field and through real life case studies will provide you with valuable insight regarding some intricacies of the life insurance industry and market practices and how to bring unparalleled value to your clients.


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