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Charities Aid Foundation America Launches New Website to Help U.S. Individuals, Families, Foundations and Corporations Step Up “Borderless” Philanthropy

CAFAmerica Also Gives Foreign Nonprofits Low Cost Means of Establishing U.S. Presence; Donor-Friendly Site Includes Option for Online Giving, More Information About Nonprofits.

WASHINGTON, D.C.///December 10, 2007///CAFAmerica -- a leading distributor of international charitable funds and trusted advisor to individual donors, foreign charities and companies -- today announced the launch of a powerful new Web site ( that makes it easier for U.S.-based donors to give on a truly “borderless” basis around the globe and also aid foreign nonprofits with their fundraising efforts in the U.S.

CAFAmerica’s new Web site increases the ability of donors to connect with charities around the world, not just by serving as a resource for nonprofit information and donor issues, but also helping to deliver CAFAmerica’s personalized giving options, including its Single Donor Advised Gift (DAG) and Donor Advised Fund (DAF). New Web site features include online giving, the ability to establish a new fund online and an option for nonprofits to create profiles that can be shared with current and prospective donors.

CAFAmerica CEO Dr. Susan Saxon-Harrold said: “Our goal with the new Web site is to serve all of our constituents with the same level of efficiency, and to attract and generate new giving opportunities by providing a unique nexus of data and resources to help donors and nonprofits learn more about global philanthropy. For example, our newly updated nonprofit database will help donors identify which organizations (religious, education-based, social services, health and medical research or environmental) are of the greatest interest for possible overseas giving and allows those organizations to share their successes and projects with donors directly. And our Web page for individuals and families now allows donors to make single gifts of cash, securities or stock to the foreign nonprofits of their choice or establish a fund for higher-volume giving, almost instantaneously.”

In addition to helping U.S. donors of all sizes and types chart the right course to charitable giving, CAFAmerica works to help foreign nonprofits increase awareness and grow their donor bases in the United States. The CAFAmerica “Friends of” Charity Fund helps nonprofits outside the country raise funds for their cause at one-fifth the cost of establishing a U.S. charitable entity.

Chani Adams, development officer, CAFAmerica Global Corporate Philanthropy, said: “In designing the new Web site we thought about our daily interaction with everyone, from individual donors to multinational corporations to foreign nonprofits. Not only does the Web site serve their existing needs, but it addresses all of the common misconceptions and start-up questions associated with first-time donors. Being innovative in this industry is a never-ending process, but we are now equipped to deliver a set of truly unique, online tools for overseas giving. No organization is in a better position to serve donors’ philanthropic needs.”


With a focus on “borderless philanthropy,” CAFAmerica offers solutions and targeting for every point of origin of the billions of dollars distributed annually to global charities, an estimated $95 billion of private money in 2005 alone. (1)

Founded in 1992, CAFAmerica (
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