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Advisor Corner

Advisor Corner

Question: If you could reverse time and change anything about your career, what would it be?

Michael Kay
Name: Kelly Hindman
Firm: Edward Jones in Carmel, Ind.
Years in business: 13

"I would listen to my heart and trust my instincts in two critical areas. The first concerns delaying my career move into the financial services industry for approximately 10 years, while I opted for the illusory security of a corporate position and a regular paycheck. The second is the very personal decision to represent a firm (Edward Jones in my case) that most closely aligns with my values, talents, and desire to help my client families pursue their dreams."

Levi Lamfers
Name: Lynn Faust
Firm: The Faust-Boyer Group of Raymond James & Associates Inc. in Greenville, S.C.
Years in business: 30

“If I could reverse time and change anything about my career, I would have set higher minimum asset standards for clients and built a ‘niche’ market sooner in my career. I would have aggressively marketed myself more. I also would have built a team earlier so that I could do what I do best which is be the ‘rainmaker.’”

Charles Zhang
Name: Brad Pine
Firm: Cantella & Co. Inc., in New York City
Years in business: 15

“I'm happy with my business, but looking back I'd say it might be preferable to spend more time managing money and accumulating assets rather than pursuing transactional business. I'd prefer an increased focus on fee-based business.”

Jeff Gitterman
Name: Kevin D. Mahn
Firm: Hennion & Walsh Asset Management in Parsippany, N.J.
Years in business: 20

“I do not have any regrets as I believe that each step of my career thus far has helped to shape the kind of investment manager, communicator and business leader that I am today. However, moving to an independent firm within the past five years that focuses 100 percent of its time, expertise and attention on the individual investor and answers solely to its clients has been both refreshing and inspirational.”

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