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Eight Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (June 4, 2021)

Net lease investment activity almost reached pre-pandemic levels in the U.S. in the first quarter, CBRE reports. Apple employees will be returning to the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in September, according to CNBC. These are among today’s must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

  1. Net Lease Investment Activity Close to Pre-Pandemic Levels “Investment in U.S. net-lease properties was close to pre-pandemic levels in Q1 2021, driven by robust institutional acquisition activity, increased interest in office assets as return-to-the-workplace plans gained momentum and, despite COVID-19 related international travel restrictions, resilient foreign investment, according to the latest research from CBRE.” (CBRE U.S.)
  2. National Study on the Impact of COVID-19 in Senior Care “New research sheds light on COVID-19 mortality rates among seniors, both in congregate settings and their surrounding geographic areas. Mortality rates increase by complexity of care, but, in lower acuity settings such as independent living communities, they are comparable to surrounding populations. The study was conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago (NORC), through a grant from NIC, in support of the NIC mission to improve access and choice in seniors housing and care through transparency.” (NIC)
  3. Apple Employees to Return to the Office Three Days a Week in September “Apple will ask most employees to work in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some teams will be asked to return four to five days a week. Employees will have the option to work remotely two weeks out of the year. Companies are increasingly bringing employees back to the offices as Covid-19 vaccines roll out and cases decrease. But for many tech companies, the pandemic allowed employers to relax their stance on in-office work and adopt a remote work mindset permanently.” (CNBC)
  4. More to Net Lease REITs Than Interest Rates “We believe we have identified certain net lease REITs that provide an attractive risk-adjusted return scenario going forward that should succeed in multiple interest rate scenarios.” (Seeking Alpha)
  5. The National Eviction Ban Expires This Month. But Renters Still Have Protections in These States “Since September, most renters across the country have been protected from eviction, thanks to an unprecedented moratorium on the proceedings ordered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Now that ban will expire in less than a month, and millions of Americans could find eviction notices on their front doors.” (CNBC)
  6. The Empty Office: What We Lose When We Work from Home “The really big problem was incidental information exchange. ‘The bit that’s very hard to replicate is the information you didn’t know you needed,’ observed Charles Bristow, a senior trader at JP Morgan. ‘[It’s] where you hear some noise from a desk a corridor away, or you hear a word that triggers a thought. If you’re working from home, you don’t know that you need that information.’ Working from home also made it hard to teach younger bankers how to think and behave; physical experiences were crucial for conveying the habits of finance or being an apprentice.” (The Guardian)
  7. Express Narrows Loss; to Expand Small-Store Format “Express ended the first quarter with more than 500 retail and factory outlet stores in the United States and Puerto Rico and an online store. The chain plans to expand its new, smaller-store off-mall format, Express Edit, with 10 locations by the end of the year. The stores include a mix of regional products and brand staples.” (Chain Store Age)
  8. Colleges Say Students Must Get a COVID Vaccine. But No, Not That One “The more complicated scenario is if students received a vaccine that has not been approved by the W.H.O., like Sputnik or Covaxin. Many colleges are proposing that those student will need to be revaccinated, which presents both medical and logistical conundrums. No data exists on whether combining vaccines from different companies is safe.” (The New York Times)
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