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10 Must Reads for Real Estate Investors Today (April 3, 2023)

Without assistance from federal regulators or a bailout from elected officials, industry advocates say the office sector could collapse, reports Bisnow. Opportunity Zone fundraising offerings are on track to fundraise less capital in 2023 than a year ago, according to The DI Wire. These are among today’s must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

  1. With The Office Sector On The Brink, Industry Advocates Warn Of Broader Disaster Without Government Aid “On top of the dropping value of their balance sheet loans, regional banks have already lost hundreds of billions of dollars to depositors fleeing for national banks deemed too big to fail — severely hampering their flexibility when dealing with a borrower’s maturing loan. The commercial real estate lobby’s immediate priority is convincing regulators not to tip the situation into disaster.” (Bisnow)
  2. Opportunity Zone Fundraising Continues Decline “Fundraising for securitized opportunity zone fund offerings tracked by investment bank Robert A. Stanger & Co. totaled $76.4 million through the first two months of 2023. On an annualized basis, assuming no significant increase or decrease in equity flow, opportunity zone offerings tracked by Stanger are projected to raise approximately $458.4 million in 2023, a notable decline from 2022’s record fundraising of $763.1 million.” (The DI Wire)
  3. Why cities are filling up with luxury apartments “An apartment building boom is unfolding in the U.S. This is a welcome signal as many cities remain stuck in a housing shortage. The shortfall in home supply has pushed many people into budget-stretching rents. Many of the new multifamily structures feature “luxury” amenities, such as pools and easy access to transportation. Washington policymakers are now attempting to address regulations that slow the pace of homebuilding, in an attempt to resolve rent inflation concerns.” (CNBC)
  4. As Climate’s Impact on CRE Escalates, How Can Risk Be Managed? “The role environmental considerations play in project development, financing and all aspects of commercial real estate has changed dramatically in just a few short years. How fast is fast enough, however, is still a matter of debate, since the U.S. still lags Europe and Canada on sustainability issues.” (Commercial Property Executive)
  5. Is It Too Late to Invest in Opportunity Zones? “Atlas Real Estate Partners has been a major player in the OZ space since its early days and has recently made some significant moves in the Sun Belt area. Noah Weiss, managing director & chief operating officer, told Multi-Housing News more about the company’s experience with OZ investment, and shared his expectations for the future of the program.” (Multi-Housing News)
  6. Alternative Lenders Spy an Opportunity in Banking Crisis “It’s a scary thought, but the likelihood is that, absent that federal backstop, more regional banks with heavily leveraged long-term debt securities portfolios — such as First Republic Bank, Zions Bancorporation and Pacific Western Bank — would also have failed. The threat of contagion would probably have spread through the banking system and caused some short-term economic chaos, if not long-term pain.” (Commercial Observer)
  7. Landlords Demand Major Rent Increase After Dismal Housing Report “Landlord groups seized on the report to call for a large, possibly double-digit, increase in rents. Tenant groups disputed its significance since the biggest decline occurred in Manhattan buildings in highly desirable neighborhoods, while pointing to new census data that showed Manhattan’s population rebounding.” (The City)
  8. The UK Doesn't Have America's Real Estate Banking Crisis. It's Got Its Own Problems Instead “Whatever is going on in the U.S., the risk of a homegrown property lending crisis in the UK is modest, and the dangers of contagion are small, experts interviewed by Bisnow said. Better still, the UK regulatory system simply makes an SVB or Credit Suisse crisis impossible, officials insisted earlier this week in an appearance before a House of Commons committee.” (Bisnow)
  9. Five Strategies For Deferring Capital Gains For Real Estate Investors “Working with a financial professional who knows how taxation affects your overall investment portfolio can provide a lot of insight and help you understand how these strategies work. Historically, CPAs and financial advisors are seen as two separate professions, but in today’s world, these two must work closely together to collaborate and maximize all available benefits so that you can keep more of what you earn.” (Forbes Finance Council)
  10. Adam Neumann praises Saudi Arabia, considers real estate start-up launch in Kingdom “In an interview at a conference in Miami Beach, Florida, on Friday, Neumann spoke with Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz about their investment in his new startup and their shared enthusiasm for the Kingdom. Horowitz praised Saudi Arabia as a ‘startup country.’” (Al Arabiya News)
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