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10 Must Reads for Real Estate Investors (Oct. 16, 2023)

The volume of distressed asset sales remains muted and Bisnow looked at why that is the case. Bloomberg reported that Netflix is planning to open physical retail stores. These are among the must reads from the real estate investment world to kick off the new week.

  1. Volume Of Distressed Asset Sales On Mute As Owners Battle A New Type Of Crisis “As distress proliferates across the U.S. and a wall of debt comes due, today's owners are faced with a different — and more complicated — calculus about whether they can hold on to their buildings.” (Bisnow)
  2. Netflix to Open Stores Where Fans Can Play, Shop and Eat in 2025 “Netflix Inc. plans to open new destinations where fans can immerse themselves in the worlds of their favorite TV shows, shop for clothing, eat themed food and maybe even try a Squid Game obstacle course.” (Bloomberg)
  3. Multistory Warehouses’ Future Is Looking Up “Mehtab Randhawa, global head of industrial research, JLL, notes there are a total of seven buildings completed in the U.S., with four under construction. There are approximately 12 additional buildings in the planning stages within major metropolitan markets, he said.” (Commercial Property Executive)
  4. Crunch Time: How a Real Estate Credit Crunch Could Benefit Investors “As we continue to navigate all of the new dynamics of the current environment, we frequently hear a few key questions from our investors. In this letter, we will address these questions based on what our real estate team and KKR colleagues across the firm are observing.” (KKR)
  5. Rents in Oakland have fallen faster than anywhere else in the US for a simple reason: The city built more housing “The city built about 8,000 new homes over the last 10 years, helping ease its housing shortage. The city has also lost residents, after years of population growth.” (Insider)
  6. Big U.S. Banks Report Big Q3 Profits, Warn Of Future CRE Losses “But with commercial real estate borrowers facing potential defaults, banks cited those loans as potential risks during their earnings calls, pointing to the office sector as a specific concern.” (Bisnow)
  7. National Association of Realtors Is Imploding “As you can see from the list of previously published posts involving the NAR, I am not a fan. I am only wondering why it took nearly 20 years for this useless organization to get called to task for its incompetency and relentless shilling.” (The Big Picture)
  8. I Dared ChatGPT to Launch My $1 Million Real Estate Empire, Here’s What Happened “If you’ve been following my advice, you probably know that it’s essential to guide ChatGPT in the right direction, especially for this post where our focus is on the real estate sector.” (Medium)
  9. Doom Loop Opportunities? San Francisco Real Estate Investors Bet Long on City “But the short-to-medium-term will be ugly for many, particularly property owners in undesirable neighborhoods and those who purchased at the peak of the market and are seeing loan payments come due with little hope of refinancing.” (The San Francisco Standard)
  10. Country Garden’s growing debt woes intensify Chinese real estate crisis “Country Garden, once China’s largest homebuilder, is buckling under the pressure of the escalating Chinese real estate crisis, signaling its inability to repay a loan and expecting to default on a debt load of around $187 billion.” (The Real Deal)
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