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10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (Jan. 29, 2020)

Hotel room rates in Miami expected to hit a record due to the Super Bowl this weekend, reports the Wall Street Journal. Forbes looks at how data will drive real estate transactions in the future. These are today’s must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

  1. After WeWork, Real-Estate Startups Rethink Pursuit of Fast Growth “Real-estate startups are retreating from a growth-at-all-costs model, casting aside an approach that has worked for many internet companies but has sputtered in the concrete world of office buildings and lodging properties.” (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)
  2. Miami Hotels are Early Winners of Super Bowl LIV “The Super Bowl is still nearly a week away, but hotel owners around the host city of Miami are already scoring big with room rates expected to hit a record for the big game.” (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)
  3. From Data To Decision: Data Analytics Will Drive Real Estate Transactions In The Future “CRE brokers who can tap into today’s sophisticated data tools can differentiate themselves and their core value proposition to clients.” (Forbes)
  4. With More Young Renters Than Buyers, Apartment Boom Continues “With more younger Americans renting than buying homes, apartment builders expect their current construction wave to continue.” (Dallas Morning News)
  5. Amazon, Ink, inks megadeal in Staten Island, source says "Amazon has signed a 450,000 square foot deal for a new warehouse on Staten Island, a source, who is familiar with the deal, but not authorized to speak, told Crain's." (Crain's New York Business)
  6. “South Side, I Love You,” Say Coastal Investors “More and more, East and West Coast investors are coming into Midwest markets in search of cheaper assets than what they can find locally. For those targeting the reliable multifamily sector, Chicago’s South Side offers value in spades.” (RE Journals)
  7. Everything You Think You Know About Housing Is Probably Wrong "Density is a concept that may dredge up memories of middle-school science class. In an urban context it is simply a measure for quantifying people or buildings or housing units in a given space. There is no universally accepted methodology for calculating density. 'Housing Density' measures the average number of residents in a project like Tudor City divided by the project’s footprint, and also considers how much area the buildings occupy on the site." (The New York Times)
  8. Northern Nevada’s Office Development Submarket Continues to Lag “Development of new office properties has lagged well behind other sectors of commercial real estate during the region’s extended building boom, and the financial metrics that have stifled new construction aren’t
  9. How Will PropTech Shape the Future of the CRE Workforce? “According to the 2020 CRE Innovation Report by Altus Group, a majority of CRE leaders now fully recognize the disruptive impact of PropTech, illustrating that many advanced technologies can potentially solve current challenges.” (
  10. Another Strong Year for CRE in 2020 “In a national survey from RCLCO, senior professionals weigh in on the industry’s prospects this year, the timing of a possible downturn and more.” (Commercial Property Executive)
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