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Advisors See Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate

Spurred by client interest, advisors are looking to capitalize on this versatile asset class

Commercial real estate represents a massive global market—and a big opportunity for both advisors and their clients. According to our latest research, more than four in five advisors have clients invested in commercial real estate—and the majority are counseling them on their investments, particularly around portfolio advice. What’s more, a third of advisors say they expect client allocations in commercial real estate to increase—three times the number who expect allocations to decline.

What’s driving all the interest in commercial real estate investing? Primarily, it’s the desire to enhance portfolio diversification—and the opportunity for a steady income stream.

But it’s not just retail investors who are warm to the sector: Nearly three in four advisors have faith that commercial real estate is a sound investment for their clients. And two-thirds say incorporating commercial real estate investment advice into their business offerings has helped them grow their business.

Want to learn more? Download our latest research white paper and discover how your peers and colleagues view opportunities in commercial real estate—and which real estate-related services clients and prospects are looking for from their advisors now.

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