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Embracing Remote Work: Freedom, Without Sacrifice

Some tips for commercial real estate pros getting used to the world of remote work, including how having an in-home video studio can help.

It’s a new decade, a new era, and more professionals are working from home than ever before. Not just because of the recent chaos that has taken our world by storm but also because, quite frankly, working from home is simply awesome.

By being able to work from home, you are able to work on your own terms. Even if you are not your own boss, you still remain the master of your domain. With the recent changes in the workplace, countless people are discovering—for the very first time—just how effective and productive they can be when they are able to work on their own terms in the place they feel most comfortable.

Inevitably, there are also some who prefer working in a physical workspace. But for those who are experiencing the freedom that working from home can provide—and are loving every waking minute of it—it can be difficult to justify ever turning back to the days of the long commutes, the rigid structures and the smell of burning coffee in the background. (Okay, that one might still apply).

When working from home, it is very easy to toss on your robe and slippers, play an old episode of Seinfeld in the background, and treat every day like it’s a Sunday. But, for most people, there will also be plenty of occasions where professionalism remains an absolute must.

People want to work with those who appear to be taking their job seriously and while you may love the way you’ve designed and arranged your home for living, that doesn’t necessarily mean your current setup will be what’s most conducive for conducting business. You have people to impress, to win over, and, in some cases, convince to give you money. They may not want to invest in you, unless you are willing to show you’ve taken the time to invest in yourself.

Fortunately, developing a professional work-from-home setup is much easier than many people initially assume. By investing in a quality greenscreen, along with professional audio and video equipment, you can immediately increase your sense of professionalism while still being able to indulge in all the creature comforts that working from home can provide.

Video is perhaps the most expressive form of media ever to exist. It enables us to share ourselves with the world, without the need to sacrifice anything. It engages the two key senses, sight and sound, that we rely on when having conversations and interactions in the “real” world. When utilized correctly, videoconferencing means we don’t have to give anything up; it allows us to be anywhere and everywhere in a way that even the novel telephone never possibly could.

Building an in-home studio is just not as difficult as you may think; it requires just a little effort that will pay off now and for the long run. While working from home, whether temporarily due to the recent outbreak or permanently because you just love freedom, you’ll have an adaptable setting that can be modified for seemingly any type of meeting. Whether you are meeting with serious capital investors, reassuring a client, or are simply chatting with a colleague, your entire domain remains within your control.

You won’t just be surviving—you’ll be thriving. And you’ll have more control over your life and professional ascendance than you ever thought possible.

The bad news and sadness we’ve being seeing on the news every day has caused countless people to reevaluate and rethink their lives. Why are we here? What are we doing? What really is and isn’t necessary in my life? If these thoughts have crossed your mind recently, as they have for many, throwing out the office in favor of something freer and more personal has never been an easier decision.

Working from home doesn’t mean sacrificing the sense of professionalism that has helped you ascend in your career—quite the opposite. With the right equipment and setup, you can truly capture the best of both worlds and impress whoever you happen to be conferencing with. Whatever happens, moving forward, remains entirely within your hands.

Adam Gower Ph.D. is an authority in content marketing for the real estate industry. He has more than 30 years and $1.5 billion of transactional experience in commercial real estate finance and investment. Over the last five years he has built a digital marketing agency at and you can learn exactly how he has made his own remote home office appear like a TV studio by clicking here.

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