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Gallery: Five Tips To Keep From Getting Sued

Times are great.  The market is soaring.  Stocks are generally doing well.  And the woes of 2007 and 2008 are a faded memory.  And, of course, all customers are singing the praises of their registered representatives – until the next crises. 

As we certainly know by now that next crises can hit tomorrow or in five years.  We also know that it will hit and those wonderful profits that the customers are experiencing will, at that time turn into red.  So, what does the broker to now – today – to make sure that when the customer who he or she is hitting golf balls with does not turn around and blame the broker for any unexpected and unfortunate losses?

No one asks these questions in good times.  Why not?  The answer is simple.  Because few brokers prepare themselves for such an event and, when things are flying, many brokers don’t even think that far ahead. 

Read Richard Roth's Five Tips to Prevent a Suit Against a Stock Broker here.

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