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App Review: Giving Evernote the Reins

Looking for an app to rein in your mobile life? Evernote comes pretty close. From saving images of receipts, voice records and web pages, to transferring client notes into your favorite CRM program, Evernote is the ultimate digital assistant, filing without ever asking for a break. Notes can be synced between devices and computers, shared among coworkers or friends, plus the note-taking service recently updated its security protocol to tighten restrictions when connecting with outside apps.

While hardly a youngster, Evernote still continues to attract users, including those within the advisor community because of the way data is translated into text — so it’s easy to search, and find later. At $45 a year for premium storage and a PIN to lock their app, or free for the lighter version, it's certainly worth a spin the next time you’re organizing notes after a client meeting — and before you’re scrambling to find information for the next.

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