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A 10 Minute LinkedIn Routine for Financial Advisors – Part 1 of 2

A 10 Minute LinkedIn Routine for Financial Advisors – Part 1 of 2

There is an inevitable question asked by our social media clients:

“What should I be doing on LinkedIn every day?” 

Simple question, right?  The truth is, you have better things to do than spend all day on LinkedIn.  However, if you are efficient with your time you can benefit from LinkedIn without it turning into a time-sucking black-hole. You know the feeling - you putz around on LinkedIn for a few hours and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing.

I created a 10-minute LinkedIn routine over a year ago to help advisors create a daily regimen, but noticed that it needed some updating as LinkedIn continues to advance.  This is Part 1 of my updated routine with weekly targets (Part 2 will follow next week’s blog).

1.      Check Your Inbox

a.     Review your inbox for any new connection invitations or messages and respond accordingly. Treat your LinkedIn Inbox the same way you would email. You want to respond promptly and professionally.  Check your inbox every time you log-in.

2.     Touch-base with a Current Connection

a.     It can be easy to let your connections become stale. For this reason, find one person every day and shoot them a quick note to “touch- base.”  Try and keep this message short but personal. If you are falling short on messaging ideas, review their profile first, it’s loaded with information. Your objective is to build and maintain your professional network one person at a time. 

3.     Comment on a Couple Posts

a.     The more you comment on your connections posts the more likely they will actually pay attention to yours.  If compliance is an issue, comment on non-financial posts.  Did one of your connections post a helpful article?  Let them know you appreciate it.  Try and comment on something daily.

4.     Find a New Connection

a.     One of the core reasons for being active on social media is to expand your network. The amount of time this takes depends upon your connection strategy.  If you are an open networker, this is easy.  If you take our advice and are more selective with your connections this may take some digging.  Think back to past networking functions, go through a stack of your old business cards, or look at who your connections are connected to. Set a goal of trying to find one new connection whenever you are online and send them a personalized request.  If you don’t find a new connection within 2 or 3 minutes, move on.


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