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Commentary and Columns

Financial and Wealth Advisor Commentary.

Abby Salameh is the Chief Marketing Officer for the Fusion Advisor Network.


Cerulli Associates blends original research and data analysis to bring perspective to current market conditions and forecasts for future developments.


Patricia Angus, JD, MIA, TEP, is the founder and CEO of Angus Advisory Group LLC, a philanthropy and family governance consulting and educational firm.

Mindy Diamond is president of Diamond Consultants, of Chester, N.J., which specializes in retail brokerage and banking recruiting.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy is a college consultant, author and speaker. She writes three college blogs for CBSMoneyWatch, U.S. News & World Report and


Attorney Gregory Monday is a shareholder in the law firm Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren. Mr. Monday represents mid-market family companies and their owners with respect to governance, ownership, and succession issues.


Amy Glynn is President and Founder of the Pension Resource Institute.

Anne Field is a veteran business journalist. Aside from REP., she also writes for Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and, among others. Her other areas of specialty include small business and management, in addition to triple-bottom line companies.

Kevin McKinley CFP is Principal/owner of McKinley Money LLC, an independent registered investment advisor. He is also the author of the book Make Your Kid A Millionaire (Simon & Schuster), and provides speaking and consulting services on family financial planning topics.

Matt Oechsli is author of Building a Successful 21st Centure Financial Practice: Attracting, Servicing & Retaining Affluent Clients.

An inside view of trends in SEC/FINRA regulatory and compliance issues and how it affects individual financial advisors and their firms.

Obsessed with getting investors to expect more from insider data than the commodity feeds they rely on from their Bloomberg terminals and Yahoo!Finance.


Trainer brings insight and transparency to research on stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.

John is Portfolio Manager & EVP at Closed-End Fund Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm.


Conrad Teitell offers his unique take on current issues in the fascinating worlds of philanthropy, tax and estate planning.

Hartley Goldstone, J.D., MBA, delights in being surprised by profound questions, having served families for 25 years as attorney, trust officer, and planner.


Kevin Nichols is the Director of Coaching for The Oechsli Institute. He is a leading expert on Social Media marketing and delivers speeches and conducts workshops on throughout the country.

Richard Keary is the Founder/Principal of Global ETF Advisors LLC, an independent management consulting firm that specializes in the Exchange Traded Products industry.


Donald H. Kelley selects and reviews new technologies relevant to wealthmanagement professionals.


Stay up to date on advisor regulatory requirements. practice management and best practices.