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Seven Tips for Advising Clients of Faith

Along with family and friends, faith is an essential cornerstone for many. Yet as advisors, we often leave faith out of our conversations with clients, and even consciously avoid it.

However, our clients depend on us to provide them with a comfortable lifestyle so they can enjoy time with their friends, protect their family and help them navigate from survival to success and from success to significance. Faith is that magic ingredient that keeps us moving forward even in the face of life’s storms, so it should be part of the conversation.

Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Andrew McNair is founder and CEO of SWAN Capital, (, specializing in Wealth Management and Retirement Income. After earning a degree in business administration/finance and with two books on his financial strategies already published, McNair launched SWAN later that year. At 22, he was hosting a radio show, What Your Money Would Say, which provides financial guidance to retirees. McNair is also the founder and CEO of the Veteran Benefit Project, which works with veterans and their families at no charge to ensure they receive all of the benefits to which they’re entitled.

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