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Jolt! 2022: Carl Richards on Simplifying Financial Jargon to Improve Client Communications

The misconception is that advisors need complex language to showcase their expertise.


In this video, David Armstrong, editor-in-chief and executive director of content,, and Carl Richards, The Society of Advice, tackle the misconception that advisors need complex language to showcase their expertise when managing the assets of their clients.

David and Carl highlight:

  • What financial advisors should do differently when it comes to financial marketing to avoid the “compass, sailboat or lighthouse” effect.
  • How advisors can boost their own presence in digital channels today.
  • Is the advisor afraid to speak in the language of the client, or, conversely, is complexity a sign of intellectual prowess?
  • How advisors can scale the life coach business that they find themselves in today.

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TAGS: Marketing
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