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Help Clients Maintain Perspective in Turbulent Markets

Periods of market volatility – especially pullbacks – can trigger emotional responses in investors, causing them to feel upset or worried. Despite the fact that you and your clients have been through worse market situations, you likely have clients who either can’t remember the last time or think it’s different this time. It can be easy for them to lose perspective with all the information they’re exposed to.

The question is: How do you promote calm among your clients during volatile times? The answer is proactive communication and effective leadership.

Client contact

Keep in mind that when the markets are volatile, advisors need to maintain, and even increase, communications with their clients, help them adhere to their financial plan, and stay focused on the long term. It’s understandable that tumultuous times will likely trigger emotional responses to match, but it’s important to reach out to clients and remind them to take a deep breath.

Things you may want to discuss include:

  • The cause of the recent market fluctuations and how long might it last
  • The possible effect current market conditions may have on your client’s overall financial plan and goals
  • The impact to their portfolio and if it should be adjusted
  • How to plan for the road ahead and take advantage of opportunities that may arise

In addition to your existing client communications plan, document additional avenues to stay in front of clients and demonstrate leadership when markets fluctuate. Consider some of these tactics you can incorporate:

  • Webinars and videos
  • Commentary and marketing materials
  • External commentary
  • Create your own commentary
  • Update your website
  • Additional client meetings and phone calls
  • Group meetings
  • Web-based meetings
  • Mass emails
  • Individual, personalized emails
  • Blogs
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