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Gallery: Holiday Gift Ideas – on the Cheap

Chicago:  “I’m going to be very direct with you, I’m cheap.”  Allen stated to me in a tone of both challenge and pride, before he posed his question, “Do you have any suggestions for holiday gifts on the cheap?”

Incidentally, before you give Allen the eye-roll from afar, today’s affluent have become so price aware that they’re often referred to as cheap.  That said, whether you’re of Allen’s mindset or simply don’t have the funds for extravagant gifts, the following are gift ideas that advisors have used that won’t break the bank.

Obviously this list is endless.  With a little time and creativity you can deliver thoughtful, humorous, and useful gifts to your clients – on the cheap (less than $15).

There are numerous sites you can use;,, and just to name a few.

What are your thoughts about holiday gifts on the cheap?  I’d love to hear your ideas.


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