Amazon’s Bestselling Children’s Gifts to Encourage Savings

It’s never too early to appeal to the next generation of investors and savers.

As far as holiday gift shopping, you may have your clients covered, but what about their kids? It’s never too early to appeal to the next generation of investors. And, perhaps, the best gifts to come from their parents’ financial advisor are those that encourage savings and smart money habits.

For example, Ric Edelman, the founder of Edelman Financial Services (with $22 billion in assets under management), and his wife, Jean, just recently published a children’s book called The Squirrel Manifesto, aimed at developing financial literacy among kids aged 4 to 8. The book went over well with some of the kids of the editors at  

Here, we gather the 10 best selling gifts in’s Children’s Money & Saving Reference category, a good place for advisors to shop for youngsters. This is the site’s most popular products in the category, based on sales at the time compiled it.  

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