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Advisors Prefer Face-to-Face Meetings

Advisors are not big fans of Skype and FaceTime to communicate with clients.

Financial advisors prefer to meet their clients face-to-face, according to a new study from Hartford Funds, and not via video. The study of 116 financial advisors—and administered in-person—found that 73 percent of advisors considered in-person meetings their favored method of communication with both clients and prospects. In comparison, only 12 percent of advisors found video platforms like Skype or FaceTime the most useful for client conversations. Among digital options, advisors listed LinkedIn as top choice, followed by Twitter and Skype.

The survey also found that 64 percent of advisors are interacting with their clients on at least a weekly basis. Ninety-six percent of advisors expect that type of frequency to continue for the next 5 to 10 years.

“Effective, consistent communication is the bedrock of the advisor-client relationship and a strategic imperative in human-centric advising,” said Julie Genjac, Managing Director, Strategic Markets, at Hartford Funds. “As advisors thread the needle and both communicate more frequently and meet in-person, it’s essential that they embrace firm-approved digital alternatives (like video chat) that allow for more regular, face-to-face interactions.”

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