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10 Techniques for Grieving Advisors

You're constantly checking in on aging clients, but who's checking in on you?

As the baby boomer generation ages, you may find yourself frequently dealing with sick, dying or grieving clients, many of whom have worked with you for years or even decades. An advisor told me that one evening he felt empty and sad as he sat and looked at the picture of yet another cherished client who had died. How do you care for yourself in your grief?    

Here are 10 scientifically validated strategies for self-care that I recommend. Some can be done anytime, including between client meetings, while driving or in the middle of the night.

There are more self-care techniques, but these are a good start. Honor the fact that grief arises only because you care so much. Tend to your own healing so you can be there for others.

Not everything works for everyone, so find what works for you and do that.

Amy Florian is the CEO of Corgenius.

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