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Your Best Business Life: A 10-Point Exercise for Advisors

An exercise that guides you through looking at the thought process behind a move from a different vantage point.


Throughout this series, Mindy has focused mostly on what it means to be independent and how to get from here to there. In this episode, she takes a step back to look at the thought process behind a move from a very different vantage point. That is, she helps answer an important question: “Are you living your Best Business Life?”

Join Mindy as she shares a 10-point exercise that will help you honestly explore what’s most important to your life’s work, including the value you place on control, flexibility, freedom and ownership. You’ll walk away with a pathway to a clearer mindset on your future and a greater understanding of the elements that are critical to the decision-making process, including your:

  • Goals and values
  • “Must have” requirements
  • Alignment with your current firm’s priorities
  • Ability to be flexible
  • Support system

Living in a world of uncertainty is self-limiting, so to gain insights and clarity around what you want and what it will take to get there is the key to living your Best Business Life.

Whether you’re planning to make a change or simply feeling curious, you’ll gain clarity and eliminate the inertia that traps so many.

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