What I'm Reading and Watching: TED Conferences

What I'm Reading and Watching: TED Conferences

In this Xperts space, I am sharing some of the personal improvement tools I have incorporated into my life that have made me a smarter CEO, a healthier husband and father, and a happier person.


This week:  What I’m Reading and Watching

  • PowerSleep – I first came across this book from Dr. Maas 13 years ago, and, to this day it’s still relevant. This book focuses on how crucial sleep is to the health of every human being. The book explains the big difference between time management and energy management. From following Dr. Maas’ system, I’ve added more than five and a half productive years to my life – and I’m healthier on top of it!
  • TED App – Taken from the TED conferences, this app is one of the most user-friendly apps there are. For those who are always in search of good thinking you can apply to your life, this app has it. You can either spend thousands of dollars just to go to one of these TED conferences, or you can download the app for free and watch an unlimited amount of brilliant speakers via video.
  • The 4 Disciplines of Execution – This book has been on my hot list for the past 18 months. Every advisor (and executive team) should read this book to understand how to make strategic organizational change in their practice. Co-authored by Sean Covey, the book explains not only the “what” but also the “how” in effective execution. Many of the principles discussed in this book are already making meaningful improvement at Carson Wealth, Peak Advisor Alliance, and Carson Institutional. It solves the biggest challenge every advisor faces in the today’s world: fine-tuning the elusive act of execution.


Check back to see What I’m Eating. And if you missed my first installment, What I’m Tracking, go back and read it now.



Ron Carson is Founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group, a wealth planning firm in Omaha. In 1993, he founded the Peak Advisor Alliance, a coaching program for financial advisors, and has also written a book on building a practice, Tested in the Trenches.

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