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Advisors and Social Media Engagement: #WhatistheDeal?

Advisors and Social Media Engagement: #WhatistheDeal?

Throughout the past couple of months the governing bodies (read: FINRA) have put forth a mild attempt to extract themselves from the 90’s and catch up to the rest of the business world in the area of social media. While LinkedIn has remained the approved social media platform of choice for advisors, there has been a certain compliance stigma that has surrounded platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Reddit.

As the industry so boldly moves from 1999 to 2009 let’s take a look at the different way that you can choose, as an advisor, to leverage your brand and either actively or passively reach out to clients and prospects.


  1. #TheCompanyLine. This particular version of social engagement only takes the approved posts and topics associated with your firms social media engagement brand and “re-posts” them in a fairly mechanical fashion. You actually see this quite often on LinkedIn. When advisors post an article about wine or golf or art – clearly it is an approved article that they are simply reposting. As you can imagine the passive approach doesn’t reap much benefit.
  2. #TheAggressiveNetworker. As in any business endeavor there is a fine line between just enough and too much. As it relates to social engagement this particular course of action may be a bit over the top. You generally find this sort of social media blitz in the RIA or Hybrid channel as their particular social media guidelines are a bit more liberal. Look, you’re not a movie star or a media darling – so stop acting like one. Posting on multiple platforms every fifteen minutes (and quite possibly using staff to do it for you) may serve to increase your social media profile – but it may actually lead to less business than more, as potential clients may think you spend more time on social media than their particular financial plans.
  3. #TheProfessionalProfile. This may be the perfect blend of social engagement and return on investment. By mixing the right batch of firm approved market commentary, client event announcements, personal anecdotes and an occasional real time pop culture reference – it allows you to remain a brand both worth hiring and just hip enough that you make sense for the next generation of clients as well. By brandishing both your career acumen and your personality you become “real” via social media and thus more approachable. This particular strategy nearly always leads to more clients.


The opportunities on social media continue to mushroom and it is high time that the governing bodies got with the program. Push the limits a bit both personally and professionally and you might find yourself with a new and exciting client demographic at your doorstep. #success.


Andrew Parish is the CEO and founder of AdvisorHUB and managing director of Axiom Consulting. Follow him @APadvisorhub

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