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Von Aldo
Why We Need to Arm Individual Citizens

Why We Need to Arm Individual Citizens

Mumbai-Style-CommandoThe Sun (of London) reports today that authorities in England rounded up 12 Islamic men suspected of planning a Mumbai-style commando raid on cities in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. That is why we need to arm ourselves (i.e. carrying guns in your briefcase or strapped to your ankle) so that we can return fire immediately upon being fired upon by any lunatic who wants to pull off a "commando" style raid. After all, more guns equal less crime.

And that just stands to reason: the more expensive something is, the less you get of it. So trying to attack an armed populace ups the cost of any raid, no? Which is why terrorists attack so-called "soft targets" in the first place. It's "cheap" and easy and it scares the pants off of politicians. Please click here for my interview of Prof. John Lott, author of the book More Guns, Less Crime, back in 2008 for his assesment of the how the gub'ment disrupts individual rights and the private economy.

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