Which IBDs Are on Top? Bottom? We Need Your Input!

Which IBDs Are on Top? Bottom? We Need Your Input!

We_Need_YouThe independent broker/dealer channel has gone through the ringer over the last couple years, with many small IBDs going under and lots of consolidation. After all that, aren’t you the least bit curious who’s on top and who’s on the bottom? How is your IBD going to stack up in 2012? That’s what we aim to find out with Registered Rep.’s Independent Broker/Dealer Report Card survey. We’re currently fielding the survey, and the deadline—Friday, Jan. 6—is coming up fast!

We need you to grade your broker/dealer and give us an idea of what the IBD landscape looks like. Earlier this year, Registered Rep. launched its first annual Independent Broker/Dealer Report Card, which found that for the most part, financial advisors at the independent broker/dealers were a pretty contented lot. But a lot has happened in the IBD world in the last few months, and the 2012 study should give us a good idea of that. (The survey is confidential.)

This time around, we’ve partnered with Cerulli Associates to conduct the research. With this research, you get a chance to score your own firm on various factors. In February 2012, we will provide our readers with hard numbers that compare various IBDs, to see which are the leaders, and which firms are falling behind. Click on the link below to access the survey. Don't forget the deadline for submission is Friday, Jan. 6. We Need You!

Registered Rep.’s Independent Broker/Dealer Report Card

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