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Von Aldo
What's Next? Hitler Lites? Stalin 100s?

What's Next? Hitler Lites? Stalin 100s?

che_ciggiesA good friend of mine, a world-renown illustrator/artist, was travelling around Europe last month and discovered these cigarettes, named " Che." An inveterate smoker, he is frequently chasing a new brand, trying to find that perfect smoke since his beloved Dunhill brand was sold to, in his opinion, an inferior tobacconist. Great iconic photo and blah, blah of the firing squad junkie (and bourgeois) Che, who is also popular among the Hipsters of certain haunts of Brooklyn. But Che was a mass murderer, who summarily gut-shot 600 innocent people (or signed their death warrants) in show trials back when Cuba was being taken over by gutless Communists who put two generations into poverty and servitude. What next? Hitler Lights?

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