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Von Aldo
We're On The Road To Serfdom

We're On The Road To Serfdom

the-road-to-serfdom.jpgI can't get the "nut graph" from a story on the Federal gub'ment's (say in a Michigan militia accent) involvement in the private economy from yesterday's Wall Street Journal out of my head. The story, on the front page below the fold (for those of you who still read from dead wood), called, Federal Intervention Pits 'Gets vs. 'Get-Nots,' is the beginning of a series (USA Inc.: The State of Capitalism).

Here is the scary summation:

"Since the onset of the financial crisis nine months ago, the government has become the nation's biggest mortgage lender, guaranteed nearly $3 trillion in money-market mutual-fund assets, commandeered and restructured two car companies, taken equity stakes in nearly 600 banks, lent more than $300 billion to blue-chip companies, supported the life-insurance industry and become a credit source for buyers of cars, tractors and even weapons for hunting."

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