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We're All Criminals Now (Well, for a few minutes anyway)

We're All Criminals Now (Well, for a few minutes anyway)

Obama There is a funny libertarian bumper sticker that reads: "Don't Vote. It Only Encourages Them." How true. There seems to be no end to new laws and regulations. At what point does the State's regulation of a person's life end? Lightbulbs are being outlawed, etc. My prediction: Within years, the government will dictate to us how many grams of protein and carbohydrates we can consume a week. Here is a scary story from today's New York Post about the proliferation of laws. After all, legislatures have to do something right? According to this account, entering 2011, "Americans were greeted not only by a new year but also by a whole slew of new laws -- 31,000 of them at the state level -- covering everything from guns to 100-watt light bulbs to, of course, 'health care.' As usual, most of these laws tell us what we can't do: texting while driving (duh), cyberbullying and smoking in bars."

"In the near future," writes Michael Walsh, a former associate editor of Time, "everyone will be a criminal for at least 15 minutes, whether they know it or not.

"But aside from some laws easing state restrictions on lawful gun ownership, precious few of them tell the government what it can't do. To the ruling class, there is almost nothing the government, at some level, can't do -- not only via legislation, but regulation as well . . ."

Michael A. Walsh, a former associ ate editor of Time, is the author of "Hostile Intent" and "Early Warning" and, writing as David Kahane, "Rules for Radical Conservatives.

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