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Von Aldo

Wacky Bull Market Indicator No. 1,001: Booze Sales

Today, the New York Post begins an article in the business section: "Got a hangover? Good." According to the NYP, booze sales are back up to pre-credit woes boozing.

Let's see . . . we've had the women's hemline indicator; the Super Bowl Predictor; the Presidential indicator, and on and on.

From today's Post: A Boozy Bounce for U.S. A strong uptick in the sales of booze last year is painting one of the surest signs yet of a return to the pre-recession boom-boom days, new data shows.

US shipments of scotch, vodka, rum and other spirits in 2011 increased 2.7 percent over the previous year — the strongest increase in five years, according to industry data released yesterday.

“We are back to pre-recession growth levels,” said David Ozgo, an economist with the Distilled Spirits Council of the US, referring to the industry’s sales by volume.

Indeed, the sales jump last year was close to the 2.9 percent annual average increase prior to the 2008 economic collapse, Ozgo said yesterday at a Midtown meeting with Wall Street analysts and reporters.

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