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Vestorly Launches Intelligence Center Dashboard

Vestorly Launches Intelligence Center Dashboard

Vestorly is hoping to improve the administrative side of its digital marketing application with the new Intelligence Center dashboard, which the New York-based company launched Wednesday.

Intelligence Center gives enterprises control over what content sources any user or groups of users can show in the field. For example, an administrator can allow or restrict an advisor's access to publications like Wall Street Journal or Forbes as well as content like white papers or proprietary research. 

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Administrators can also use Intelligence Center to access Vestorly’s other features – such as settings, content approval workflows, data visualizations, integrations and audit histories – all from one place. Vestorly CEO Justin Wisz said Intelligence Center is like giving firms “their own in-house content marketing software built to spec.”

“It allows for a truly flexible experience unlike the monolithic nature of traditional content management systems or enterprise solutions providers,” Wisz said in a statement.

Vestorly is also hoping to improve the content approval process for compliance officers with a new “Approve for One, Approve for All” feature in Intelligence Center. If an advisor in the field wants to use a piece of content, compliance officers only have to look once and approve the use for everyone one else. Intelligence Center also keeps an updated history of content approvals in the event of an audit.

Intelligence Center gives marketing teams access to new data about what content users are reading and sharing most, which clients and prospects are most engaged with content, and when are the optimal times to send out content.

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“Enterprises can use [the data] to support their representatives,” Wisz said. “Each of these enterprises has their own ‘network effect’ and Intelligence Center enables them to harness that data.” 

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