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Using Retirement Planning To Memorize Pi

Using Retirement Planning To Memorize Pi

For numerology enthusiasts, or anyone superstitious about dates, this is a pretty crazy week. Not only is Friday the 13th, Saturday is also “Pi Day,” an annual recognition that March 14 is abbreviated in the U.S. as “3/14,” the first three digits of Pi.

The day takes on even more significance in 2015, as the date matches the next two digits of Pi: 3.1415. It’s a date that only occurs once every century, leading some to call this Saturday “Super Pi Day.”

The number crunchers at FinMason, who produce an online investment reporting tool, went a step further and pointed out that the next six digits represent important ages for retirement planning. Following 15 is 92, the life expectancy FinMason said people should use for planning retirement.  The next is 65, the traditional retirement age, and then 35, the start of many people’s prime earning years and a “drop-dead” date to get serious about retirement saving.

“If you sit out a year after 35 it is exponentially more damaging than sitting out a year in your early 20s,” FinMason said. “Of course it would be our advice to start saving as early as possible.”

With this in mind, advisors can easily remember the first 10 decimal places in Pi, helping them look like a math whiz while showing off their financial planning prowess.

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