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US Bank to Partner with FutureAdvisor on Robo

U.S. Bank creating robo advisor with FutureAdvisor, the Grand Marnier family selling their $1 billion estate and Penn State professor killed over his will.

U.S. Bank Wealth Management and FutureAdvisor have agreed to work together on an automated investing platform for clients. The new robo advisor will be a hybrid of FutureAdvisor's technology with the support of human financial consultants, the companies announced. U.S. Bank will design the investment portfolios for the platform, which will consist of cost-effective funds. The new platform will be accessible to U.S. Bank Investments clients via the website and the U.S. Bank mobile app. The offering should be operational in 2017. “Planning and investing for your future doesn’t have to be intimidating," U.S. Bank Wealth Management President Mark Jordahl said. "Our intuitive, easy-to-use offering will help make the experience simpler and build the confidence of our clients by enabling them to track their progress against their goals anytime, anywhere."

The Most Expensive House in the World is For Sale

Villa Les Cèdres, the former home to Belgium's King Leopold II, located in the south of France, is up for sale for the whopping price tag of €1 billion ($1.1 billion), according to MarketWatch. Built in 1830, the mansion, which sits on 35 acres of manicured lawns, includes 10 bedrooms, a ballroom, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and stables for up to 35 horses. It is being put up for sale by Suzanne Marnier-Lapostolle, a member of the Grand Marnier family. The house has been family owned since the 1920s when it was purchased by Louis Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle. The sale of the house may be part of the deal the family made with Italian distiller Campari, which agreed to buy the Grand Marnier Group in March.

What, Me Quarry?

Be careful who you let know about your will! The body of Ronald Bettig, a Penn State professor who’s been missing for a week, was recently found at the bottom of a local quarry. According to The Centre Daily Times, the alleged culprits, George Ishler and Danielle Geier, lured Bettig there under the false pretense of harvesting some Marijuana before pushing him into the quarry because they believed that Geier, who was living with Bettig at the time, stood to gain financially from his recently signed will. Apparently, they don’t teach people about slayer statutes at Penn State.

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