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Off Topic: Women Shun Wall Street

Apparently, it's not Wall Street that keeps women from succeeding on Wall Street. It's women. They get fed up and leave of their own accord cause it's an icky place to work, said an article yesterday in FINs.

"In the past 10 years, 141,000 women, 2.6% of female workers in finance, disappeared from the industry, while the ranks of men in the industry grew by 389,000, or 9.6%, according to a review of data provided by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics," the article said.

And that's mostly because it's stressful, seamy and stained by the recent mortgage scandals, women said.

After a number of high profile discrimination lawsuits against Wall Street firms by women in recent years, some firms have tried to make themselves more palatable to women....Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, for instance, has a blog that highlights its female financial advisors. And remember, Hydie Sumner actually wanted to return to her job at Merrill Lynch after she won a discrimination lawsuit against the firm.


Women Don't Work onWall Street Because It's Awful (New York magazine)

Casualties of the Crisis: Stress, Sexism and Layoffs Thin the Ranks of Women on Wall Street (FINs)

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