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Von Aldo
The Ted Pledge: Starve the Government to Restore Prosperity

The Ted Pledge: Starve the Government to Restore Prosperity

ted_nugent_in_concertTed Nugent, the hard rock guitar player, is a great hunter and a Great American. In his rant today in the Washington Times (where he is a columnist), Nugent calls the federal government, Fedzilla, and describes it as the insatiable beast that eroding personal liberty and dampening wealth creation. Among his recommendations to Republicans are burning the tax code in a ceremony on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

He calls for a simple tax code, wiping out corporate taxes altogether, and reducing Fedzilla by 25% from 2008 levels. He also has this to say about Social Security (which you should probably remind clients who have years to go before they retire): "Republicans should tell young Americans that Social Security is a Fedzilla financial Ponzi scheme and they will not receive a dime when they retire because Fedzillacrats have stolen all the money in the Social Security Trust Fund. The GOP should pledge to young workers that it will introduce legislation that will protect their IRAs and 401(k) investments from taxation when they retire."

The Nuge concludes (and although I am not a Republican, I agree with him): "Republicans need to tell Americans that we've tried big government and it has been an abject failure. The only people who fail to understand this fundamental truism are power-hungry Fedzillacrats, bloodsuckers, socialists and idiots."

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