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Stones' Ronnie Wood Talks to Me about His New Record, Musical Influences

Stones' Ronnie Wood Talks to Me about His New Record, Musical Influences

Self portrait by Ronnie Wood, an accomplished painter besides beign a guitar godOkay, this is completely off topic, but in late September I spoke to the Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood about his new record, "I Feel Like Playing." My article was published in a magazine for vinyl lovers called, The Goldmine.

I was chosen to write the story and review the record since I know the editor of the magazine, I have played the guitar since I was 12 and that I am an inveterate Stones and blues fan. I have literally been listening to the Stones since I was about 9 and Ronnie since his first solo record came out in 1974.

I thought I'd post the article here for two reasons: One many of you may like the Rolling Stones and, secondly, I read this morning in the New York Post's gossip page (Page Six) that Ronnie was spotted at Paul McCartney's concert last night downing tequila shots, chain smoking and mashing with some minx. Curiously, Ronnie told me only a few months ago that he was happy to be "clean and serene." He has been to rehab 8 times or so. Great guy, I have to say. I spoke with him for 40 minutes over the phone. (Was supposed to meet him in person but he dumped me at the last minute for lunch with Mick Jagger and Bill Clinton. When he phoned me at home on a Saturday morning, I said to him, "You dumped me for lunch with those guys? Don't you know who I am?!" He laughed. He is very enjoyable to speak to, really open and self-depricating guy.)

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