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Sliced White Labels Alternative Investments Platform For RIAs

Sliced White Labels Alternative Investments Platform For RIAs

Sliced Investing, a website accredited investors can use to invest in hedge funds and private equity, launched Sliced Institutional on Wednesday to give registered investment advisors easier access to alternative investments.

In addition to providing RIAs with online access to alternatives for as low as $10,000, Sliced Institutional automates the manual tasks needed to make private investments, like document signing, reporting and custodial and CRM integration. The product is also white-labeled to allow an RIA to incorporate their own branding.

“Alternative investments are largely inaccessible to independent financial advisors, and the few who do have access have to endure many operational hurdles,” Sliced Investing CEO Mike Furlong said, adding that the automation is what sets Sliced apart from other online platforms.

Sliced sources alternative investments independently as well as from partner firms like Krusen Capital, which is providing many of the funds offered. 

The goal is to use technology to provide independent advisors with the same kind of infrastructure for alternatives enjoyed by wirehouse advisors.

“Through this partnership, we are not only receiving access to incredible investment opportunities but also portfolio analytic tools to help us make educated recommendations for our clients,” said Kyle Mills, the president of Harvest Financial Group, one of the three advisor firms already using Sliced Institutional.

However, not all advisors believe that alternatives are necessarily right for their clients. 

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