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Von Aldo

Really? Treasuries Are Still the Place to Be

Last week when the S&P was tipping its hand that it would downgrade U.S. sovereign debt, I was amazed that investors stll poured into the securities --- while selling everything else. A friend, who was a hedge fund analyst (he's currently unemployed), put it this way: "U.S. debt is the best house in a very bad neighborhood." See the quote of the day, a similar sentiment, from today's

From a story, Treasurys Rally as U.S. Debt Remains Go-To Haven: "Double-A plus is the de facto triple-A," said James Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Minneapolis-based Wells Capital Management, which manages $342 billion. "There is a lot of fear in the markets right now and Treasurys are still the place to go."

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