Due Diligence

Push and Pull on Warren for Consumer Agency and Other Thursday links

The SEC is facing closer scrutiny of its settlements these days, says Peter J. Henning in his New York Times blog, White Collar Watch.

Barney Frank still pushing Elizabeth Warren for head of the Consumer Protection Agency, says Bloomberg. But Christopher Dodd has said a Warren nomination could result in a protracted fight.

A hilarious tidbit from that last story: "A leading candidate for the position and a vocal consumer advocate, Warren has drawn opposition from Republicans and financial industry representatives who question whether she has the experience to run a large agency and say her consumer advocacy would make it difficult for her to negotiate fairly." (Italics mine). Shouldn't a consumer protection agency be PRO consumer by nature?

How would you simplify the financial reform bill? asks NYTimes Freakonomics blog author Stephen J. Dubner. Barry Ritholz offers an answer.

John Hancock is teaching its financial advisors behavioral economics, says FINS.

Ed Jones is having recruiting trouble, says WSJ.

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