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The Intelligent Investor

Meet Sharegate: Another Distribution Partner For New Constructs

New Constructs has joined Sharegate as an Elite Contributor. If you are unfamiliar, Sharegate is the investment industries newest financial social network. It has some new tools for communicating with companies, submitting investment analysis and interacting.

If you have not seen it, you might enjoy some of the new capabilities it introduces for building your own network of financial sources, observing investor communication with companies, and discovering potential investment ideas.

I like it because it offers some neat ways to find information and distributes it according to your investments, contacts, or subject matters of interest allowing you to create your own customized financial information feed.

They are currently offering a free no-obligation trial period while they fine tune their software. If you decide to check it out, you will find us an affiliate member active in the Share Pitch and general forums. You can check them out at

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