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Introducing RR's New Column: The Intelligent Investor

Introducing RR's New Column: The Intelligent Investor

More and more your clients' data lives in the ether. How much conviction do you have in a company's reported net earnings under GAAP? Obviously, we all know that GAAP net reported earnings is an accounting fiction. That is why we are pleased to announce that David Trainer, founder of New Constructs, an investment research boutique, is joing as a weekly columnist/blogger. Trainer focuses on actual "economic" earnings rather than reported net income, which is easily and legally manipulated. He sets out to uncover a company's true cash flow, how much cash the business really is throwing off. As a result, you know how cloud computing is all the rage? Nevertheless, he says short VMware (Ticker: VMW), a self-described leader in the making of cloud computing infrastructure.

In a posting in his blog, The Intelligent Investor (I know, a trite name, but very accurate as to his fundamental, bottoms up analytical technique), he concludes that the rosiest of scenarios (typical in "growth-y story stocks) has been baked into the stock price. And that if the European mess grows and there is a resulting flight to safety, story stocks such as VMW, will be abandoned.

In his article, he also says: "I also recommend you short or sell the following ETFs and mutual funds because they allocate the most out of the 5,000-plus ETFs and mutual funds we cover to VMW. Note that each ETF/fund allocates 5 percent or more of its portfolio to VMW, and all of them except for RCKSX get a dangerous rating, according to my predictive fund rating methodology. Free copies of my reports with my predictive fund rating on the ETFs and funds are available by clicking on the name of the fund below.

Oak Associates Funds: Black Oak Emerging Technology Fund (BOGSX)

Berkshire Funds: Berkshire Focus Fund (Ticker: BFOCX)

PowerShares Dynamic Networking (Ticker: PXQ)

Oak Associates Funds: Rock Oak Core Growth Fund (Ticker: RCKSX)

So please come to's investing section, use the drop down tab to find, The Intelligent Investor, to read detailed, weekly reports from David Trainer, founder of New Constructs. Trainer assesses the risk/reward of 3,000-plus stocks, 400-plus ETFs and 4,700-plus mutual funds.

For complete access to New Constructs somewhat contrarian research, go to The Intelligent Investor page for details. Subscribe now to view the very latest in profitability and valuation.

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