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How to Predict the Market

How to Predict the Market

It's not rocket science, according to Raoul Pal, a former hedge fund manager who retired in 2004 at 36 years old. Pal, who co-managed GLG's macro fund, published a 40-minute video walking viewers through long- and short-term business cycles and what risks to take and which to avoid. "It's not some sort of voodoo process - it's really all about probability analysis and understanding trends and cycles," Pal said on Business Insider. Some of his business frustrations are with the Federal Reserve's poor forecasting and incomplete snapshots by Wall Street economists. "What you should understand is this is behavioral economics and what's really driving the economy and asset prices," he said. Watch the video above.

Totum Partners With Quovo

Client engagement meets aggregation.


Totum Wealth, a client engagement and analytics firm, has partnered with account aggregation company Quovo to give advisors access to custodial feed data. Totum uses what it calls "human capital factors," like geography, industry concentration, career, health, family, real estate and balance sheet, to analyze a client's risk and generate a unique portfolio. The partnership will allow advisors using Totum to obtain portfolio holdings in their entire book of business.

E*Trade for the Blind

Accessible to the blind. | Copyright Scott Olson, Getty Images


E*Trade Financial is updating its website, mobile apps and desktop programs to make them more accessible to traders and investors with visual disabilities. The online discount brokerage adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as its website standard, and worked with representatives of the blind community to make enhancements. The standards call for all digital content across multiple platforms to be accessible via screen reader voice output services, braille output or magnification technology. Victor Tsaran, a blind E*Trade customer who assisted in the initiative, praised the company in a statement for "making its financial tools available to everyone."

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