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Ask Abby, Marketing Maven

How Can I Jumpstart Growth for a Junior Advisor

Nov. 16, 2012

Dear Abby,

I have decided to bring on junior advisor.  He has been in the business for about 10 years and has some insurance experience but not much investment experience.  He is motivated and a self starter but I am not sure what or how we can get him ramped up.  My business is predominantly business owners and retirement plans and my goal for him is to bring individual wealth management clients to the firm.  Any ideas on how we can jumpstart his growth?

Dan,  Long Island


Dear Dan,

First of all, congratulations for bringing on a junior advisor.  Keep in mind he will likely need some mentoring from you and it is important to spend that time with him up front so he can learn the way you conduct your business and what your firm culture is.  If your business is largely corporate retirement plans, then perhaps a good way to get him in the door for individual clients may be to work the plan participants to see if there are any quality individuals that need financial advice outside of their 401(k).  You can work directly with the business owner on setting up Lunch and Learns for the employees and have your new hire do the presenting and educational events.  This may generate some additional individual clients who have assets outside their retirement plan. 

Another idea would be to have him reach out to his insurance clients to introduce your firm and explain the services the firm offers; and how it can be a compliment to the insurance work he has done with them already.  He can do a campaign that offers his insurance clients a “complimentary portfolio review” as a way to get them in the door.

I hope this helps spark some ideas for you.  Best of luck to you and your new advisor.


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