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Von Aldo

The Higher Education Bubble, Ready to Burst?

I know lots of advisors who help their clients come up with a game plan to save for their children's education. Indeed, it is such an important part of any family's financial plan that we've even launched a column on the subject. But, perhaps, the answer should be (at least some of the time): Don't send your kid to college. It ain't worth the money.

From Michael Barone, of the American Enterprise Institute writes (provacatively) in today's New York Post: "Government-subsidized loans have injected money into higher education, as they did into housing, causing prices to balloon. But at some point, people figure out they're not getting their money's worth, and the bubble bursts.

"Some think this would be a good thing. Charles Murray has called for the abolition of collefe for almost all students. Save it for genuine scholars, he says . . . "

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