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Help! My Website Needs and Overhaul!

Dear Abby,

My website needs a complete overhaul.  I put it together years ago and haven’t looked at it since.  Do you have any simple guidelines I can follow that might be helpful?

Alan, NY, NY

Dear Alan,

We actually just published an article in our own newsletter on that exact topic.  Many advisors are in your shoes.  Below are some snippets from that article.  Keep in mind, once you have your website redesigned, you need someone in your office to “own” it.  That means maintaining it, updating it, driving prospects to it and thinking about ways to continue to enhance it.

Establish your Website's purpose: IIs your website a prospecting tool? A communication tool for existing clients? Or is it a portal for your clients to access their accounts?

First impressions: Think of your home page as your ice breaker. 

Content strategy: Less is more. Use key words and phrases to captivate your audience. It is good practice to limit each webpage to 500 words or less.

Layout and Images: The layout and navigation of your website should complement the content. Try to have one or two images per page.

 Best regards,



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