Healthcare Costs in Retirement - Did You Know

Did You Know?

  • 10,000 people reach age 65 and become eligible for Medicare each day.
  • Healthcare & Wealthcare “Are two sides of the same coin. What good is growing a portfolio if you don’t protect it from events that are not only likely but can be catastrophic to an investment plan” Sean Dowling Pres. Dowling Group Wealth Management
  • Medicare is not free; A healthy 55 year-old couple can expect to pay roughly $11,480 for Medicare premiums by age 65 and $34,800 by age 80.
  • Medicare is an expense that will affect 100% of those aged 65 or older & retired.
  • According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, Medicare only covers 51% of healthcare expenses, while clients are responsible for the other 49%.
  • 70% of affluent investors named rising healthcare costs as their major concern. — Merrill Lynch Affluent Insights Survey, August 2011
  • Medical expenses topped the list of concerns among those aged 65 or older. — 2011 Franklin Templeton Retirement Income Strategies and Expectations (RISE) survey
  • Medicare premiums are tied directly to a retiree’s income
  • 92% of Americans lack a specific retirement plan that factors in healthcare costs. — Sun Life Financial Unretirement Survey – “Flying Blind”
  • A 55 year old couple who plans to live until age 90 can expect to incur over $510,000 in costs for their healthcare in today's dollars. - HealthView Services
    • If they live in Florida it will be more like $521,000
    • If they both have Diabetes it will be more like $558,000
    • If they earn over $170,00 in income defined by Medicare it will be more like $615,000
    • If they earn over $428,000 in income as defined by Medicare it will be more like $996,000

HealthView Services is the leading provider of tools that enable the financial industry to address client’s concerns about the #1 expense in retirement — Healthcare.

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