Happy Tax Day! For the First 107 Days, You're Working for the Gub'ment!

Spread the wealth! Now pay me!The Club for Growth, a libertarian-leaning think tank, makes some interesting points, to wit, our current tax system, about 16,000 pages, stifles economic growth. Here is the sobering note the Club for Growth sent to me. It's full of fun facts to know and tell. I've left the contact information at bottom for your convenience. Read it and weep.

Dear David,

Because you're a Club for Growth member I know you share my sentiments about this Monday - Tax Day. But just in case it's fallen off your radar, here are two sobering reminders:

• According to the Tax Foundation, individuals and businesses will spend more than 7 BILLLION hours each year on compliance with the federal tax code. 7 BILLION hours. That's 798,539 years!

• Americans will have to work 107 days this year, on average, to pay their combined federal, state and local tax bill.

Statistics like these illustrate precisely why the work the Club is doing to eliminate the current tax code and start fresh with a pro-growth plan that would allow you to spend your time and money the way YOU want to - and not the way the government dictates - is so critical.

So help spread the word about the Club and all that it's doing to advance prosperity through economic freedom by visiting the Club for Growth on-line store and ordering free brochures to give to friends and family. You can also stock up on more of our famous Green Stickers (also free of charge)!

Best regards,


Chris Chocola

President, Club for Growth

2001 L Street, NW, Ste 600

Washington, DC 20036

PH: 202-955-5500

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